Friday, November 4, 2011

time really pass fast!
left one week time, i have to go singapore ady
will be leaving here, start a new life there :[

so bad i dont have my car currently
i miss my 7555 kelisa :[
she is really important to me
i have so many places want to go!
hope she can coming back to me soon
hope i still have chance to drive her before i leave
why papa dont sent her to repair after i leave?
i wondering..why why why T.T

had went to kl trip last week
a happy and sweet trip i had!
and of course not to forget to meet up with my bobby
2 months we never meet up!
sooooo miss her, so miss pg time :[
hope can catch up with her again soon!
perhaps in singapore, xmas?! hehehe :)

tearing non stop when think of i have to leave
too much peoples here i bu she de!
but then
actually i will be back on CNY
two months time only mar
i don't know what i sad for also

but the problem is
i'll miss him so much much!!
i'll get mad i think :[

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