Sunday, January 30, 2011

updated updated again! ;D
finally i bought a new phone
yeah yeah, welcome my htc aria
my new love now ;P
it is very nice !
screen nice, camera nice, sound nice
android nice! GOOD! Excellent! XD
at first, i was regret that i didn't sign the digi plan
because it is only rm799 !
and have unlimited data which cost u rm68 per month
i didn't sign the plan because rm68 does not include the call and sms
so, total up, need rm100 like that per month
somemore, wireless everywhere now ;D
i think i no need the unlimited data ..
i regret because,
at first, i don't know how to switch off the network data
and i don't know the data is keep on running
and yet, keep charging me money!!
top up rm10, become rm0.00 in 3 minutes -.-
i was so so so so worried, so so so so shocked!
thanks to the maxis promoter help me turn off the mobile network
if not, i think i need few hundreds per month -.-
luckily! i was prepaid user!
i will shocked until half die when i received my bill if i am postpaid @@
so now, no regrets! XD

talk about my recreation life
so far so good
fun! everyone was so nice, so kind ;D
sometimes will felt very boring there
but, still enjoyed!
yesterday was a old lady birthday
who is she?
Wilma, an old lady that stayed in shangri-la for 4500 nights!
penang was her second home !
cool leh!
she was 83 yeard old now
but! she is very very very strong!
walk faster, memory also better than me -.-
she always take part the golf putting competition
i can't remember the score that the participants played
i will blur one!
but she can!! so so so geng!
wish her happy birthday, stay healthy and strong ;D

lalala, i can't take off for my sa chap meh -.-
only off for chu yi~
ok la nvm, i accept the truth
hahahaha! lol

suddenly feels like wan to learn many many things lo
i wan to learn english
i wan my english become pro pro like that la aduh!
very siok leh if i can talking smoothly with the foreign guest XD
i wan to learn how to play golf
tat day i tried, but my skill, suck -.-
i wan to learn how to swim!
lat seh lo i don't know how to swim xD
today when i take care the swimming pool
see the guest swim and play at the pool
so siok so happy like that
i also wan~~~ T.T

Sunday, January 23, 2011

每次回到来 开房间门
所以觉得我的特别geli =.=
yorrrr 谁可以来帮我收拾房间
新年要来了 我要房间干干净净啦!
可是 可是..我真的很懒惰...
还有还有 我宿舍的桌子
要满了 看了都sien =/

初二做午班 ( 谢谢那个人跟我换shift! 本来是6am-2pm的 -.-)
可能三十晚去claim我的pubic holiday
如果成功, 太完美了 有2天off! 哈哈哈哈哈!!

外婆不在了 店也开店了 zzz
所以这样 也好 也好 o.O

买两三件就好了 -.-

想念外婆咯 =(

我听了很兴奋说哇 真的吗真的吗 好好好!
她很难过地说 你高兴什么 你都不能回来吃
现在我可以跟她讲我可以回来吃了 muahahahahaha!!

TB lo我
有时侯我真的这样觉得自己很TB =.=
当我用我很烂的英文去跟ang mo guest讲话的时候
太多那些 haa leh la lo
我还应他嗯嗯 还儍笑
TB la you ang poh ting !
你的英文可以好一点 pro一点吗!T^T

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

担心 想念 难过 全都来了


my current department, recreation
first day, i felt so sad
alone there, working at the garden area
under the hot hot big big sun
sweating, flu-ing, boring
but, job is very easy! :)

second day, golf club
felt a bit complicated
seem like, many thing needs to remember
thanks to catherine explain to me so much
hmmm, i hope i can do well after you leave :/
but, very free there, can watch dvd ;P

third day, garden again
same la aiyo ~~
tapi tapi, i saw a small small snake come inside our counter!!
WTH, first time, sooo near to the snake!
i not dare to move -.-
my heart was jumping so fast =/
tml work 6am to 2pm
how to wake up
i got 起床气
早早起来我会不爽的 -.-
today worked 8am, wake up at 630am
me ady felt bu shuang from wake up until reach hotel until ate breakfast,
until start working, still bu shuang

Sunday, January 16, 2011

finally end my training in housekeeping
wo bu she de so so much!
all the peoples there, so so so good!
last day of my housekeeping
i didn't do room, didn't do amenities
i went for change the paper for every rooms
siok pun hor, very easy job only
of course not every rooms la
but garden wing 5, 6, 7 and 8 floors
wooooo~ last walk in garden wing... -.-!
nice ending for me ;P
i love garden wing XD
but at the night time
supervisor called me
and asked me something
like guest complaint from 7th floor
said din change the new price list for minibar
yeeeeeeeeeee i remember i got change ady ma :(
make me worry abit bit
until now i also duno what happened actually o.O

everyone don't want to go housekeeping
i'm also same, before training there
feel so hard, so kan ko like that
and the uniform so ugly, like ah sam!
first few days
we all really feel like gonna die in housekeeping
tooooooooo tired ady la!
after 1 week like that
i feel ok ady
and start to love housekeeping hahahaha!
now i feel bu she de the uniform liao
i feel the uniform cute lo, the pant very comfortable lo
thank you hossain help me so so so much during working time
hmmm~~ thank you thank you ;)
byebye housekeeping :/

wan to say hi to recreation ady
tml start my first day in new department
duno will how hor o.O
i'm sad, bcz i alone go there only
my wei tang, go f&b ady T.T
i really hope we can always meet up!!

that day after family gathering dinner
just felt too early, and kepo wan follow mum and dad go out
then suddenly decided wan go fuel
join my cousin my brother and some friends
weeeeeeee, finally, my first time clubbing bo liao

then tat day went for elvera birthday ~
enjoy also! happy also! hehehe!!
happy birthday haa tan xiang ling :P


i hope, you are happy :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

suddenly very got form to blog
today, accompany brother and ah sou and mother go choose the wedding gowns
i like to see wedding gowns luuu
every girl looks sweet and lovely when they are wearing the gowns
got hang fuk de feel~
don't know when can i wear it also? hahaha!
wait 99 ba -.-

after that went to Queensbay
i plan to ask some information from maxis and digi
but i not sure where is it
and not enough time also ;(
grrrr, i wan faster change a handphone
i beh tahan my w800 ady
got a bit slow slow like this
i hate the joystick so much!
like can't function like that :(
bought a dress, to console myself -.-
but still, beh siok.. need to wait till when i just can change haa!
ishhhh T^T

waiting for family dinner
at our neighbour shop, golden claypot! haha
like 收工酒like this
but, not with the employees
with all the relatives hahaha!

will change department on next monday
bu she de housekeeping ;( ;( ;(

my first post for 2011
a sad post ;(


只能, 过一天算一天
大陈, 真的很谢谢你
开心过 伤心过 期待过 失望过 幸福过
嗯, 这就是爱情 :)
毕竟 那些是我幸福过的证据 哈哈哈

大陈, 我们一起加油 ♥
我希望我们都可以过的很好 很快乐 很幸福! :)

祝福你, 也祝福自己 ♥♥♥