Thursday, October 6, 2011

i'm officially 20 now!
no more 18 no more 19
20, an age to step in mature slowly
hehehe :D

had a birthday celebration with my family and relatives two days before the birthday
then nothing special happened on my birthday =_=
ohh ya...i bang my car...stupid Sunway Carnival ticket station..zzz
then the next day celebrated with momo :D
thank you so much spent your time for me! hehehe
and thanks all the presents...
and thanks all the wishesssss!
hiak hiak hiak

i feel upset sometimes
i really feel tired and speechless to my father
anything he can scold
even because of 20 cents he wanna scold
feel tired to work in the shop
but no choices, i cant choose the way i like
but luckily i'll go Singapore soon
no need to see his face, no need to let him scold
sorry, i really can't stand on his temper
i can't even understand my own father

talk about happy thing
i dyed my hair today!
a lil copper, a lil red? i don't know how to describe also
sometimes i feel it just like a light brown color
but then sometimes i feel it like not much different
but i still feel happy and satisfied with the outcome xD

and the universities had email me and told me that i'm able to enroll the course
had done some documentations process last week
now waiting for the letter and the contract, and so on
so happy! hahaha

i'll going to Hatyai on this coming Sunday
finally i can go Hatyai again
last trip before i go to Singapore? :'(
hope i can have another trip down to KL again actually
hehehehehehe i'm so greedy, i noe ;P

yesterday i accident
bang an uncle's car
his car nothing happened
but my car was a little bit sunken pulak =__=
soooo moodless sad for my car
my car have a lot of scratches, since i become the driver
i really careless :(

momo today accident
ppl accident he also wan accident
so unlucky eh
but i heard that his car was serious than me much much
so i lucky than him abit bit laa..
but the most luckily is only the small accident
no one injured ;)

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