Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday had attended Japanese class
quite fun la, because never learn ma
"watashi wa pohting desu"

this few days, always headache about the hotel training
i'm still don't know which hotel should i choose la
i scare i will regret!! T.T

dachen dachen dachen

siao liao siao liao

very boring err

i miss holiday. zzz

i need money recently!!
i have many things need to spend with money

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i had a happy and wondeful holiday
and it is ended T^T
i miss my cousin, my BABY~~
but she went back s'pore ady :(
don't know when we can meet up again
and siao siao again
i really laugh non-stop when stay with her
long time din have this feeling
" oh-my-goddd~~"
weee, i miss you baby! hahaha :P

5th sem begin, the time table quite okay
but i more prefer last semester time table
and today first class, commercial law class
got lawyer feel lo o.O
today we quarrel again
because same problem i think?
can they behave well abit?
can think of my feeling??
i don't know i can tahan how long..

today 100th day
my grandmum left us 100 days
sooo sad i can't go for praying at my uncle house today
100 days, i'm still soooo miss you, popo ;)