Thursday, May 19, 2011

finally finish 3 papers
still got one to go !
accouting paper tomorrow o.O
faster faster habis please !
happy weekend waiting for me leh !
gonna having supper tomorrow with family in mcd
to get pink coca cola glass!
last few times went for is to get the black purple and blue for brother
now is my turn!! pink for me!! muahahaha
going to find cousin to curl my jie mao
very excited lo muahaha
and then maybe go for dye my hair
or go for nail manicure
blink blink maybe xD
preparing for brother's wedding liao
all of us must sui sui

and then and then
hatyai !!! saya cant tunggu liao !
shopping shopping! night market night market !
really really happy weekend !
must enjoy gao gao!
we had suffering for two weeks leh !

hate my bangs =(
sooooooo hate ! grow faster please ;(

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i'm super happy right now !
i don't know what is the exactly reason that make me happy
but i really feel happy and very high ! omg ! hahaha

after the exam today
went to 1st avenue to celebrates my baby lee may theng birthday!
she is now 20! muahahaha ;P
her friends, carrin and aly coming also
both of them so nice also! ;D
we went to watch movie
THOR... omg !!
he is sooooooooo man !!!!
sooooooooo yeng !!
soooooooo cute !!!
me and mt almost siao liao in the cinema

then i had bought something from etude house before i back home
muahahahaha i .................
was poor again........ shit =(

my mum that day went to hatyai
so so envy her !
she bought a lot of things come back
i pun mau laaaaaaaa
she bought me a sling bag and a pair of shoe
i ady so happy
how good, if i go together also ;(
definitely not only 1 sling bag and a pair of shoe !
HNG ! can't wait to go hatyai liao now T^T

btw, i really so happy tonight
i don't know zomok
!! wooooooooooohuhuhuhu !! ;P

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today mama's Day !
happy mama's day to every great and beautiful mama !
i ♥ my mama. hehe!

i'm happy, because done our marketing project, Finally..
that's really a tough project for all of us
first day, it was worst!
i'm felt very sorry !! i'm a bad 'controller' !
but second day, it was perfect!
and comes with a good and satisfied amount to all of us~ ^__^V

i'm sad, because can't go hatyai with my family ady
due to the stupid mid term! grrr i hate u =(
both weeks also can't make it, so soo sad! ;(
shopping, gone! T^T

bought a very comfortable shoe for my mum
as a mama day present
i know she is happy! =P
though it is expensive, but i'm happy too!
i ♥ her maaa . hoho
and, i miss my popo ;(
i'm so so so much ♥ her also ;(

mama's day, same as every year
shop will be busy like hell
full of peoples from 5 until 11 just now
how tired!
if my shop full of peoples like this everyday
muahahaha, i will be very very very happy
HUAT a! hahahaha
one thing i'm wonder is
why most of the customer, the bill was not paid by the son or daughter?
i thought the children will treat the mama maaa
but paid by father?
Wife day? Haha!

the stupid brainless 13 year-old girls
gangster is it? Geli ! i watched the video
really so angry ! hate them lo!
soooooooo bo nao eh !!
zomok nowadays eh child like this de
13 years old nia wor !
when i was 13, i very tb de lo -.-

Haiz feel frustrated sometimes
every moment i feel like not enough time for me
can i skip mid term? T.T