Sunday, January 31, 2010

today thaipusam
my shop today busy like crazy
indians come non-stop 1
i work in the shop really wanna crazy
some customers really make me angry
cant be a good customer 1 meh?
come eat jiu eat la duhh -.-
i really hate those words said
" customers always right "
i just agree this with some good customers :)
7pm until 230am
tired till i lazy to talk, lazy to smile anymore
now 320am, but i am energetic again
so come for blog .. hehehhehehe
dachen now in KL lo
siok lo him..i envy him lo...
miss him a lot :)
feel like wan shopping lo yorrr
i wan shopping with unlimited money and unlimited times !!!
but hor
impossible 1 laa
duno which day i can become rich rich rich super rich woman
will I?
wait for my family den goin to have a supper
i wan holiday laa :(
faster come come come !!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

happy bufdae to dachen ♥

had celebrated w/ him on tat big day

the movie legion spoiled the big day -.-

not nice geh ..

he said something sweet for me today

i really thanks him ..

" we study together. "

this 3 words, make me regret 100000 times ..


Saturday, January 16, 2010

just back from pacific with dachen
" for doing assignment "
i wan find the costing ler.. hahaha
very funny when we find ini find itu

meet tiok veeky pierre and jason there luu
why they will come here de

dachen bufdae coming
have an idea? no idea?

yerrr sien lo
tml sunday again
why so fast de

las las night i had a very sweet dream
i ♥ it

Sunday, January 10, 2010

yesterday was my bad day
vomit day T.T
make me so kan ko
drink wat vomit wat
geli niaaaaaaaa !!
doctor said 肠胃炎
eat the dirty food
wat the dirty food i ate ?
i am wondering
izzit tat curry mee de ham ==
but they 2 nothing oso hmmmm

but now, i better ady ! yeahh hahahaha

tat cp said me fu yan her to update blog
liao ppl lazy maaaaa BLEK !!

say a little bit about tat auntie thing ok?
tat day after we 3 finish watch avatar
den go toilet maa
den den
den i use my finger push the door.....
push....1 time..
push....2 time...
pap ! i saw a hand inside the toilet faster close the door
i felt very very very sorry !!
yuan lai inside got ppl de .....
but duno why
feel soooooooo funny
we 3 keep laughing only
say don laugh don laugh but cant tahan
den a auntie come out..
i not dare see her lo yerrr
sorry auntie !!!!
but... but y u dunwna lock the door jek..... -.-

tat auntie wont see tiok my blog de la hor
sia sui niaa ==

sien, tml class again
9 to 4 again

Saturday, January 9, 2010

3rd sem/1st week


讨厌 :(
过到酱充实 时间过更快 @@
我要拉高那个 cgpa

那天厚 我们陪那个吴贞频去看avatar
然后厚 我懒惰写啦 T^T
对不起 auntie !!! ....
然后去吃curry mee
好吃咯 我现在很想吃 ..

大陈找我 两次
走走 ... bla bla bla
很怪 .....

哟 我现在很缺钱啦
电话费还没有还 (真的很不想还咯 -.- ...)
我想买包包 (hiao啦 昨天太得空 去网上看包包 看什么!! ... )
要准备礼物啦 庆祝啦 有人要生日啦 ( 感觉也要花一笔钱...)

copy from tan chin hooi

有没有人欠我钱?有没有人欠我钱?还我还我 -.-


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year
Happy 2010 !

welcome to my new blog
new year, new blog !

more easy to remember ma :D

just now when working in the shop time
sudenly my mom call me go autocity countdown with my cousin
woiseh, she sooooo good !!!
ok, den we go muahahaha
full full full, crowded crowded crowded
with dunno come from where eh PEOPLESsss
too bad i cant meet my dachen
duno where is him
but at least i saw the fireworks :D

den go back shop, work again..... muahahahaha

new year, new hope, new begin :)