Monday, April 26, 2010

suddenly i so miss Taiwan :(
miss shopping time miss the weather miss the people miss the places
i must go again, it is a really must
last time deal with lee may theng de

so lazy to blog
duno blog lai zomok pun
but now have the blog mood

recently, fine
busy with assignment and presentation
i really hate it lo
din have a college without presentation de meh? zz
wed still have account test, ishh
and economic assignment, i really duno wat is that paper saying about?
left 7 presentations in this sem i think

i feel wan to straighten my hair
or go curl my hair
watever la, wan change for my hair la
straight or curl? curl or straigh? T.T
libra's characteristic come out again
cant decide.... o.O

see this from lee may theng wall
'family = father and mother i love you'
geng lo!
hmm, i miss my family now ;(

and lastly, just now saw lee yin jee photo suddenly
then, very sui!!! then i oso duno y i so kek dong
wait her online wan tell her..
yeee, lee yin jee i really love tat pic!
faster upload!! XD