Sunday, November 13, 2011

have to update my blog
but don't know how to start
today SUNDAY~~
i miss mama
supposed to go out with her
like every Sunday we did
but now no more chance to go out with her :'(
i hope will have someone to bring her out lo
dont feel like let her open shop
must have a rest, busy for whole week d
must get out relax a while ma :'(

i'm came here on Thurs
took noon flight
i was wake up early in the morning
and have a talk with momo
perhaps that's last call in my room
but then momo only wan to talk a while with me
he said have to do something
so just a short talk actually
i miss him so much, not willing to end the talk
we meet in airport
i'm so happy when i see him
but same with momo, i'm sad too
bcz gonna leaving :'(
he gave me a recycle bag and inside have a box of food
and a shirt tat he like
that's the thing he prepared for me early in the morning
i'm really feel so touch!! that's first meal he cooked for me
even he is a chef, and we've been together for few months
he asked me to eat during my flight
but i very stubborn, want to eat only when i reach uncle's house
last hug, feel so sad, so down :[
not willing to say bye bye ...
then we talking phone again
appreciate every time before i leave! haha

after i reached sg, we took a cab to my school
to settle down some things
the hostel rooms are very nice, very clean and new
but too bad, so expensive! haha
then on the way going back my uncle's house
i'm this stupid fella
only realized i forgot to bring down my recycle bag that momo gave me!
leave on plane T___T
i shocked, i cry so badly
here's the mistake i did
i feel myself so wrong
how come i can forgot!
and only realized few hours later i down from the flight?!
i called momo and i'm crying when i heard his voice
he still don't know what happened to me, and wanna console me
he asked me, " how's the food? nice or not?"
..... =___=
i not even open up the meal box and see what he had prepared for me
then i lost it, i only saw a bread inside T__T
i feel so sorry to momo, but me even cant forgive myself
but he is so kind, didn't even angry me,
and keep to say something good to cheer me
he knows how sad am i :(

fourth day staying here
tomorrow will be start my class
i'm satisfied with my time table
everyday i have only 3 hours class
except for one day which have 6 hours o.O
today is my last holiday
i'll facing study pressure again start from tomorrow
assignments, test, presentations, are coming
i feel so headache when i think of this
geli lo geli lo =_=

and i so happy
had signed a data plan here
get my galaxy s2, my little white white
my phone and momo phone are so similar now
like he is beside me always now :P

now have a wish!
that's i can buy a bus ticket on friday night( january eh, not now -.-)
and can go back celebrates CNY !
please please please !

Friday, November 4, 2011

time really pass fast!
left one week time, i have to go singapore ady
will be leaving here, start a new life there :[

so bad i dont have my car currently
i miss my 7555 kelisa :[
she is really important to me
i have so many places want to go!
hope she can coming back to me soon
hope i still have chance to drive her before i leave
why papa dont sent her to repair after i leave?
i wondering..why why why T.T

had went to kl trip last week
a happy and sweet trip i had!
and of course not to forget to meet up with my bobby
2 months we never meet up!
sooooo miss her, so miss pg time :[
hope can catch up with her again soon!
perhaps in singapore, xmas?! hehehe :)

tearing non stop when think of i have to leave
too much peoples here i bu she de!
but then
actually i will be back on CNY
two months time only mar
i don't know what i sad for also

but the problem is
i'll miss him so much much!!
i'll get mad i think :[