Saturday, January 14, 2012

it's 2012 now
so fast ya 2011 had gone

i've back t penang last month
the days were so tough ehhhh
but now luckily everything was fine now!

this coming monday start my another semester again
haha! so fast right my course

today is momo 21st birthday
happy happy birthday to him
feel so bad i cant able to celebrate with him on this big big day
as he said
still will have chance again! ;D

feeling so boring and lazy right now
cny is around the corner
but seriously i cant feel the cny feeling!
just want to back home and meet my family and friends
but...still have to work in shop
no times to meet friends! :'(

i wish the time can be pass faster
mid-feb mid-feb
or march !
faster come please :D

i want to go for a hair cut
wanna trim my hair shorter
damaged hair i hate you T.T

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